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Where to get our honey

We currently sell our honey at the Whitby Farmers Market on Wednesdays from 9am-3pm weekly from May-October. Our honey is also available at the Oshawa Farmers Market on Fridays from 7am-2pm, September-October. Can't get to the markets, that's okay, you can get our honey year round from our home. Our honey cupboard is located on our front porch and is stocked daily.

You can pre-order honey or drop by any day without notice. Payment can be made by

email-transfer to ahead of your visit or cash is accepted at the door. A cash deposit system is located inside the cupboard. Please call us at 905-728-9419 if you have any questions.

For your safety we wipe down the cupboard regularly between customer purchases to ensure we all stay healthy and safe during these exceptional times.

We want to thank you and your family for your support as we all find ways to stay connected.

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