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Swarm Relocation Service


Please note: We DO NOT remove wasp, hornet or bumblebee nests.  We DO NOT do structural removal of honey bees  from within walls, roofs or building interiors. 


If you do discover a honey bee swarm? Don't Panic. A few good things to know should you discover a swarm. A honey bee swarm is a natural part of the honey bee’s reproductive cycle. Honey bees in a swarm are not likely to sting you if you just leave them alone. The best thing you can do for the bees is to contact a local bee keeper. By calling a beekeeper, you will be doing your part to sustain the honey bee population in your area.


We offer a free honey bee removal service in Durham Region and the Municipality of Clarington including Oshawa, Courtice, Bowmanville, Orono and the surrounding areas. We remove honey bees without the use of pesticides or chemicals.  Please call us if you have a swarm.


It is helpful to know a few things when you call. Please tell us the following:


Your name, address and phone number

Where the bees are located, eg. In a shrub or tree. How high off the ground are they?

How long have they been there?

How large is the cluster?

Are your sure they are honey bees, eg. Grey paper like nest equals hornets


If you can safely take a picture of the swarm that is useful, you can text it to us for verification that they are honey bees.


Please contact us at 905-728-9419.





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