Apple Blossom Time

Our orchard is in bloom, the bees are taking advantage of the start of this event. Simply Beautiful.

Spring Management

Spring is a busy time in the apiary. Beginning in mid April, we are doing spring clean up. What that entails is breaking the hive down, cleaning the bottom boards, and reversing the hive boxes so that the brood box that was on top of the hive is now on the bottom. What this allows is room for the Queen to lay. During the winter the cluster moves up into the second brood box to access honey stores. So the bottom brood box now has multiple empty frames. Thus we take advantage of those empty frames and reverse the two boxes. Once the reversing is done, the Queen will start to lay in the upper box. In our area, we are just reaching the end of the willow, marsh marigold, coltsfoot and soft maple

Beehive Boxes Tribute for Young Man

Back in December of 2014 I had spoken with Norm, a teacher at the Centre For Individual Studies in Cobourg. I was at the school attending a memorial service for Keegan, a young man who attended there. Keegan had lost his life tragically that December, a very bright light was taken from our community far too soon. After the memorial service, Norm and I spoke of this young man’s amazing artistic talent among other things. Out of that conversation, we spoke about beekeeping and about the idea of having the students at CIS paint some hive boxes for us. We hoped it would be a way to celebrate the artistic talents of each student attending the school. The idea was born, and we provided the stud

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