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Some Useful Resources

As a new beekeeper, I found there were many resources both in book form and on the web. I have highlighted a few of the sites I have found to be excellent.  The other thing I have found that is helpful is a visual reference of the common types of bees people often confuse as honey bees. Below are just a few native pollinators and common wasps for comparison.


Top Row from left to right: Bald Faced Hornet, Yellow Jacket, European Hornet, Paper Wasp.

Bottom Row from left to right: Leaf Cutter Bee, Mason Bee, Bumblebee, Honey Bee and Friend.

baldface hornet.jpg
yellow jacket.png
european hornet.jpg
paper wasp.jpg
leaf cutter bee.jpg
mason bee.jpg
honeybee and friend.jpg


Durham Region Beekeepers Association:

Ontario Beekeepers Association:


Toronto District Beekeepers Association:

American Bee Journal:

University of Guelph:



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