Max, Spirit of Joy

Our friend Max has been assisting us with sharing our honey with those in the Toronto area. We originally met Max last summer when we were doing a honey extraction demonstration for an art exhibit at his father’s studio. Max had an immediately infectious quality to his spirit. We met again at the Festival of Dangerous Ideas, a remarkable event that brought together seed growers, organic farmers, beekeepers and scientists. Wonderful event, I do hope they have more events like it in the future. He and my daughter Elysha are friends, so I was pleased to embark on my own journey of friendship with him. I contacted Max to ask him if he would like to help us out with providing our existing honey

Early Spring...what to do

Early March can be a tricky time of the year for the beekeeper. You wondering what you should be doing for the bees. It’s too cold to open them up, one should not open hives until the daytime temps are at least 10 degrees Celsius. And even then, you should NOT open them for long. So on those early March days when the temps are anywhere from -4 to+8, you are left with other tasks. The first is assessing loses. Some hives make it, others don’t. Remember you can use the honey from those dead outs for other hives later in spring as long as the hive had no evidence of dysentry. Go around and lift your hives, assess the weight, that way you will know which ones are going to need to be fed, which o

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