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Cobourg CIS Rocks

Once again we have been very luck to have the students at CIS in Cobourg paint up some of our hive boxes for us. In exchange we do an introduction to bees presentation and in the fall we head back to do a honey extraction demonstration with the classes starting back. I love the enthusiasm of each of the students I am lucky to meet while there, they are genuinely interested in the bees. A special thanks to Norm for organizing the activities again this year. As part of the educational opportunity, we brought in an observation hive, so the students could get up close and personal with the bees, thanks Lorraine for being so brave. She's the VP there, and really nervous around bees. Thanks again to all the students, the boxes look amazing. We have set them up in our apiaries and the bees are busy filling them up with pollen and honey. Below are some of the painted boxes, amazing work guys.

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