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Lazy Days....not quite

August Lull

August saw an abrupt end to the nectar/pollen flow here, with the splits and nucs we made building up wonderfully. Hives went into early August strong. Most hives had 2-3 supers on them. We took summer honey off in late July and returned those wet supers to the hives. Overall, we started the season with 21 hives and through splits and making up nucs to build up, we are up to just over 50 hives. During the lull in August, we are ever mindful that swarming still remains a real possibility, especially for the nucs we made in spring that are now two brood boxes strong. We are always thinking ahead, planning for the fall extraction. In the mean time, we enjoy the season. Our rose of sharon was being enjoyed by this eager bumblebee.

We also had a tree frog take up residence in a bird house. He was not at all camera shy.

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