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Beehive Boxes Tribute for Young Man

Back in December of 2014 I had spoken with Norm, a teacher at the Centre For Individual Studies in Cobourg. I was at the school attending a memorial service for Keegan, a young man who attended there. Keegan had lost his life tragically that December, a very bright light was taken from our community far too soon. After the memorial service, Norm and I spoke of this young man’s amazing artistic talent among other things. Out of that conversation, we spoke about beekeeping and about the idea of having the students at CIS paint some hive boxes for us. We hoped it would be a way to celebrate the artistic talents of each student attending the school. The idea was born, and we provided the students with our boxes. We returned to the school today to do a presentation on beekeeping for the students and pick up the painted hive boxes. To my surprise, the boxes were painted with tributes to Keegan. I was moved beyond words. Thank you students, thank you Norm, my heart is overjoyed with these many fantastic works that honour Keegan. Our bees will love their new homes.There were so many lovely boxes, we will post pictures of them all in coming posts.


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