Swarm on Honeybee Crescent

I have to say that 2020 was and continues to be not what we expected. We had to learn new ways to do what we love, while keeping health and safety at the forefront of everything we imagined. We have met so many amazing and kind people, including all the neighbours of "Queens Common West", who took all of their collective enthusiasm and welcomed us into their lives. After a swarm arrived in their neighbourhood, they contacted us to help rehome the bees. What followed was beyond anything we could have imagined. The neighbourhood came together to support us locally by putting together an order to purchase all the honey that would be extracted from the hive in the fall. We could not believe how everyone in the neighbourhood came together to support a local beekeeping business. What was so fun was we were able to provide the neighbourhood with regular updates on their hive which became known as the Honeybee Crescent Hive.

There are so many to thank here, but a special thanks to Astrid Poei for all of her passion. She and her neighbours are now endeavoring to have their neighborhood park incorporate honeybee themed elements into the park, which has yet to be built. Queens Common West also held their first annual Honey Festival in August (practicing all Covid 19 guidelines for safe gatherings of course) and plan to have it continue yearly to educate our community about the importance of honey bees. Hats off to all this neighbourhood has done to promote local businesses and spotlight the effectiveness of working together, collectively supporting their community, much like honeybees do in the hive.

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