Max, Spirit of Joy

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Our friend Max has been assisting us with sharing our honey with those in the Toronto area. We originally met Max last summer when we were doing a honey extraction demonstration for an art exhibit at his father’s studio. Max had an immediately infectious quality to his spirit. We met again at the Festival of Dangerous Ideas, a remarkable event that brought together seed growers, organic farmers, beekeepers and scientists. Wonderful event, I do hope they have more events like it in the future. He and my daughter Elysha are friends, so I was pleased to embark on my own journey of friendship with him. I contacted Max to ask him if he would like to help us out with providing our existing honey lovers in the Toronto area with their "fix" and he agreed without hesitation. I think he is secretly addicted to the honey our bees provide, I remember his eyes lighting up after tasting a variety of different honeys we had in our kitchen. So the journey began. Max brought our honey to the city, providing others with golden nectar and joy.

I was so happy to hear that Max got his dream opportunity this summer. He and his lovely lady Lana are going to be moving out to Fiddle Foot Farm in Mulmer, Ontario from April through to November. They will be immersed in a full season apprenticeship through Ontario's Collaborative Regional Alliance for Farming Training (CRAFT). They will be practicing biodynamic agriculture at the farm, selling the produce through Creemore and Orangeville farmers markets and at Fiddle Foot Farms ( This is very exciting. Max is very dedicated to organic farming, seed diversity and forging into earth friendly agricultural practices.

Max, good luck on your ventures, you are an amazing guy, what an opportunity.


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